‘ASOKAVANIKA’,The Garden of Fire,a painting on man-woman correlation

  • An interface between man and woman has been highlighted since the age of civilizations everywhere in the world.In the Holy Bible,it is told as they had found themselves in the Garden of Eden , begun dwelling over there for the generations to come upon the earth thereafter . From the

    A garden with the blooming up buds in the dusk

    stories emerged elsewhere in the history of distinctive parts of the world, it is found that the passion in love and lust towards each other has been inspiring generations in cultivating any sort of life anywhere….!

  • Generally, a space of garden provides a place for a man and woman to interact with each other quite well..and their first and foremost plane of meeting would also be laid in the concept of garden by itself!
  • Followed by the facts found in the past, people develop plans of life styles and social circles around the theme of gardens so as to prove that the basic instinct behind every system of attachment has not been changed yet! the world of animals also reiterates the same fact!
  • A female statue placed in the center of a contemporary garden on the top of a building

  • While conceiving the theme on man-woman relationship for a painting in oil on canvas last year, I have rethought about the ancient gardens and the sensuousness that bloomed around there over the ages …not afresh but from the past  sketches in the same mold,  I tried to set up a backdrop of garden where two human faces meet against with intense passion towards each other;they personify two characters as counterparts infringed by the  labels of flames in the shades of day and night.
  • In this work , the figures look as if they were constituting the elements in a garden by emerging themselves not only as two human figures but in the forms of light and darkness that kindles an attitude of passion and pathos in the air of mutual understanding igniting the love and lust within themselves.

    The painting I did last years, entitled,’ASOKAVANIKA’, a term literally stands out as.’the garden of fire’;a rendering of the epic relationships