Wind in the Chariot ….!

‘Wind in the Chariot’ is my attempt in Acrylics on Paper, to portray the moving spirit of wind riding a chariot of its own.The movement of the force has been tried to bring out in the moving chariot, making a conveyance of liberty and power to the figure riding over it ( The work is  latest and is now ready to be displayed before the audience in a live show to be held in INDIA soon)


‘WIND IN THE CHARIOT’ (one among my latest works in acrylic on paper)



In the noon the lake found calm in the gentle air that blew out of the leaves in a peaceful pace and the surface of water remained pleasing to the reflections from the banks…! A leisure boat was at rest near the tree that kept itself blissful in the pleasing wind under the sunshine of the noontime….!DSC_6483.JPGDSC_6495.JPGDSC_6480.JPGThe banks awaited the visitors with colorful vessels to move around…!DSC_6503.JPG