In the noon the lake found calm in the gentle air that blew out of the leaves in a peaceful pace and the surface of water remained pleasing to the reflections from the banks…! A leisure boat was at rest near the tree that kept itself blissful in the pleasing wind under the sunshine of the noontime….!DSC_6483.JPGDSC_6495.JPGDSC_6480.JPGThe banks awaited the visitors with colorful vessels to move around…!DSC_6503.JPG

Walks Along The Long Roads…And The Pauses On The Pavements And Parks

The Pavements under the cool shades of greenery (Singapore city)

The Pavements under the cool shades of greenery (Singapore city)

In Singapore, it is a nice practice to walk along the pavements, a calm and casual way to enjoy the place and people. So when it comes up to a traveler fresh in the land it would be a refreshing experience to the mind and body.The neatly designed pavements in the city circles surrounded by rich greenery are quite cool and pleasant!


garden-parks provide a sound set up to relax and refresh in Singapore

The parks beside these pavements act as a shelter for the easy pedestrians during the hot noontime. They sat on the benches situated amidst the bunches of small trees grown well-planned and beautifully everywhere around those premises..


The pair peacefully sharing their privacy on a footpath beneath which a heavy construction work is going on

In spite of the heavy construction works undergoing, the footpaths remain unhindered by them and the people passed over peacefully across; the sight of the pairs sharing their privacy on those ways prove a sample to the ideal management of these heavy works !!

In the snack-spots near the Singaporecaferoads, couples find their resort during the short pauses on their movements across the city..


The well-laid out plaques in Singapore city Squares

The well-built roads were earmarked with well-laid out plaques according to the significance of each and every corner of the city circles..

The city walks were not yet over, the pavements stretched wide and the nights were not at reach…so miles to go before the sleep…!!