The Market Place

The market place in Victoria is vivid with its display of the selling stuff. Thus it catches attention of the dwellers in need of any items around.The care and artistry shown in distributing items are distinct as much as to sell anything and everything within a limited time of the market ! The sellers also show patience and pleasure to deal with the buyers who come across them !





The Tender Coconuts decorated with Crimson Hibiscus and the Man who sells them from the shore

The tender coconuts decorated with hibiscus in crimson are so delightful a sight that charms the visitors who come across the shore of Mahe Islands in Seychelles.When they are under the shades in the midday sun, among the thick leaves of the surrounding, they add beauty to the shore and comfort to the people around in a cool manner !

DSC_7881  The tender ones fulfill the thirst of the mass regardless to the age and enable the sellers to have their livelihood.So they attract the needy by displaying these fruits with a taste of artistry and care…!


DSC_8278 - Copy.JPG

The Fruit Selling

DSC_8297 - Copy.JPG

The Fruit Seller Breaking the Coconut




Mother and the Daughter

The mother with the daughter reminds an icon; an icon of togetherness and dependence , dependence to each other.The icon enlightens a feeling of shelter; an attachment that brings safety and security to each other and the world around.So, being in such an attachment provides a light around the world to kindle affection and intimacy among the generations and the geography of different regions of the globe in order to flourish affection and affinity in each individual regardless of the creed….,


Mother and the Daughter, the global icon of affinity and affection


Young and the Old and the Windows in Glass….!

It is curious to see that the young and the old people sitting behind the glass windows before the dining table to have their meals, especially in the morning.While the young are upright awaiting their dishes, the old ones remain inclined towards themselves before having what they have had for the breakfast !The glass windows reflecting the morning lights make a halo behind each so as to enlighten their lively attitude of age and taste.!


The Young Ones before the dining Table,against the morning Lights


The Old facing the breakfast table

The Cyclists…,

When the sun starts shining bright ,then the cyclists starts moving on…!

All the cyclists include the natives on daily business, the travelers from around the world , the children,teens, the youth and the pretty old…!

The island paths of La Digue prove a smooth playground for all beyond age when the day is live


The Island Paths and the cyclists in La Digue

under the bright sky!




A Mom with babe



Walks Along The Long Roads…And The Pauses On The Pavements And Parks

The Pavements under the cool shades of greenery (Singapore city)

The Pavements under the cool shades of greenery (Singapore city)

In Singapore, it is a nice practice to walk along the pavements, a calm and casual way to enjoy the place and people. So when it comes up to a traveler fresh in the land it would be a refreshing experience to the mind and body.The neatly designed pavements in the city circles surrounded by rich greenery are quite cool and pleasant!


garden-parks provide a sound set up to relax and refresh in Singapore

The parks beside these pavements act as a shelter for the easy pedestrians during the hot noontime. They sat on the benches situated amidst the bunches of small trees grown well-planned and beautifully everywhere around those premises..


The pair peacefully sharing their privacy on a footpath beneath which a heavy construction work is going on

In spite of the heavy construction works undergoing, the footpaths remain unhindered by them and the people passed over peacefully across; the sight of the pairs sharing their privacy on those ways prove a sample to the ideal management of these heavy works !!

In the snack-spots near the Singaporecaferoads, couples find their resort during the short pauses on their movements across the city..


The well-laid out plaques in Singapore city Squares

The well-built roads were earmarked with well-laid out plaques according to the significance of each and every corner of the city circles..

The city walks were not yet over, the pavements stretched wide and the nights were not at reach…so miles to go before the sleep…!!