The Sounds Of The Beloved In The Dawn And ‘The Lake Around The Hills’

Lake2Before the Ages , during a winter,a loving pair had eloped from the city of castles and searched for a place of rescue so as to fulfill their pursuit of love enduring…till the end of the world!….they finally reached a plateau which had been deserted by a war of some sectarians, a few decades back…

There they erected a home of logs and bamboos that had been left by the last inhabitants of the plateau.

By the time the winter grew denser and they thought of spending the time by embracing each other for long…and  got into a prolonged embrace for hours to survive the cold of the season….;the fire of togetherness began to ignite profoundly within them and the icebergs around them started melting soon..!!The dense icebergs so melted down started flowing out of the spot…like a turbulent stream of rivers emerging out of a mountain of high altitude….;Obviously it was a river that had sprang up from the heat of their amounting passions…

Now that the river had turned the plateau into a green land of shades and there formed a blue lake around them!!!

The loving pair who were lost in the cold blue lake began their  talk  in the subdued tone of love by the time of forgetfulness like this,

The love told: “I’m all that of a hill surrounded by a lake”

The lover replied: “Yes,I’m all that of the rocks that maintains this blue lake around you, conjuring up the undercurrents of your powerful dreams that blooms out into real out of this plateau of rescue…”

Then the love told him: “All that flows out of me are the kisses you spread over my cliffs and the strokes you fill upon my valleys …every day and night…!! ”

And the story went on till the end of the winter.


my painting in oil on canvas , ‘ The Lake Around The Hills’

Now I hope , my  ‘Lake Around The Hills‘ is about to reverberate their subdued sound of Love in dense winter.

A day around the pond finds my way out to ‘The Pisces Configuration’

The streams went full in the childhood days in monsoon and the rocks on either side were often remained active with fish jumping out while on rains quite overwhelming and spontaneous. overflows from the hills added strength to the shallow currents in the stream then!But when the rains are over and the flowing outs lose their pull, the surface level of the water remains almost still and the bottom levels look clear and everything beneath appear transparent from the top.Then the creatures inside the water would be quite visible and we were keeping around the water bodies for hours to look into the fish-dwellings in the ponds situated not far away from the main streams…sometimes my father would be curious to net some kind of colorful fish and bring home to show us  them inside some flat vessels among some pebbles and water plants he had collected from those ponds.My father had passed away eight years ago! When I happened to see an underwater theme park last year, I remembered the tiny and cute  aquarium made by my father with the household vessels during my childhood days out of the small but wonderful ‘Pisces’ from the nearby ponds!!!

The view of the sea from the underwater park

Years back I got many more convincing feedbacks on the life in water bodies, from my early experiences and I have summed up whatever I had explored on the theme in my painting called.’The Pisces Configuration’ which I had finished last year.


My painting on the theme of the Pisces called ‘The Pisces Configuration’