Walks Along The Long Roads…And The Pauses On The Pavements And Parks

The Pavements under the cool shades of greenery (Singapore city)

The Pavements under the cool shades of greenery (Singapore city)

In Singapore, it is a nice practice to walk along the pavements, a calm and casual way to enjoy the place and people. So when it comes up to a traveler fresh in the land it would be a refreshing experience to the mind and body.The neatly designed pavements in the city circles surrounded by rich greenery are quite cool and pleasant!


garden-parks provide a sound set up to relax and refresh in Singapore

The parks beside these pavements act as a shelter for the easy pedestrians during the hot noontime. They sat on the benches situated amidst the bunches of small trees grown well-planned and beautifully everywhere around those premises..


The pair peacefully sharing their privacy on a footpath beneath which a heavy construction work is going on

In spite of the heavy construction works undergoing, the footpaths remain unhindered by them and the people passed over peacefully across; the sight of the pairs sharing their privacy on those ways prove a sample to the ideal management of these heavy works !!

In the snack-spots near the Singaporecaferoads, couples find their resort during the short pauses on their movements across the city..


The well-laid out plaques in Singapore city Squares

The well-built roads were earmarked with well-laid out plaques according to the significance of each and every corner of the city circles..

The city walks were not yet over, the pavements stretched wide and the nights were not at reach…so miles to go before the sleep…!!


The New Ones And The Once New Ones On The Way….

The buildings in any squares of the world would be compared in terms of time; the old and the new; it is phenomenal to consider the constructions erected upon times before and after in a scale of fashion and design depending upon the ongoing patterns in civilizations that occur at changing lifestyles of people. So it is highly interesting to watch what is new or contemporary and what is old in terms of architecture in a city with a tradition of innumerable mileage in culture and interactions of societies.


Array of shopping centers in a corner of Bangkok city premises rather old in fashion but remains to be curios in lay out and color

In the city of Bangkok in Thailand, we can see a kind of comparable aspects of architectural varieties that exemplifies this phenomenal representation of time and civilization so curious to watch out , at different squares and lanes of this shore of white elephants!The old residential lanes found in the Chinese corner stand out as an erection of old styles established once in a while when the Chinese settlements started flourishing as a township in the land….even the backdrops of  them speak out that sentiments of another time far away from the new…..,the people with that tradition living now would bring back the air of the past…!


The odor of old is still live inside and outside these premises

The color of past and the lost glory of another time is evident in the decaying residential lanes in the Chinese area!


The bell-tower situated in the main center of worship in Bangkok

What is ancient and more precious are maintained in the temples  and at the places of cultural significance and centers of prime attractions in terms of tourism and worship.The heavy bells and towers around are the specimens found in the central shrine of Lord Buddha in the city.


contemporary flats with palm-trees atop, situated in Bangkok city

In succession  to what is old and ancient in  architecture , the contemporary style flats with palm-trees planted atop are laid out as part of the novel town planning and taste preferred by the contemporary society in the main stream of city life in Bangkok !!