Paragliders at ‘Pattaya’,a beach destination beside Bangkok

A gliding coming down to the dock

Waiting their turn for a glide under the hot sun

Touching the clouds with colors!

‘Pattaya’ is the name of a town that is laid out in the outskirts of Bangkok,the capital city of Thailand.This town is one among the popular beach towns in Thailand as a travel spot and destination known for its offshore adventure tourism activities;one of them is the Para-gliding done a few nautical miles away from the Pattaya beach.The gliding is done parallel to a sail in the sea revolving around the dock made for the purpose.This adventure attracts people regardless to their age and body weight ;this is planned by the authority not as an adventure but an absolute leisurely one is the prime charm of tourism in this island.
During the seasons thousands of international tourists visit here and almost all of them take part in para gliding!The hot sunny days adding thrill to this…that’s why both young and old eagerly wait for minutes to have their turn for a glide with patience under the hot sun even at the peak of a season!
The brightly colored parachute catching the eyes invites all to take part in the sail; it functions as a fluorescent lamp in multi-color that charms the tourists alike flies..when the boat connected with the parachute start moving away the multi-colored umbrella swings up in the bright blue sky spreading its glitter down to the eyes of the viewers bellow !There was the turn of a young lady then, and she was brought near to the glide , made ready to sail with her suits for it, by the anchors there…the youth having some extra pounds of flesh had raised curiosity to the people watching around as to see how would the sail lift her up along with the glide!As expected, she was carried away by the sail through the waters for awhile that caused anxiety to all for some moments…but for God’s sake she was pulled up in the air by the parachute with all the efforts , anyhow …!!

A Lifting up with efforts: the heavy young lady being uploaded into the sky!

The young lady is getting up towards the sail