Wind in the Chariot ….!

‘Wind in the Chariot’ is my attempt in Acrylics on Paper, to portray the moving spirit of wind riding a chariot of its own.The movement of the force has been tried to bring out in the moving chariot, making a conveyance of liberty and power to the figure riding over it ( The work is  latest and is now ready to be displayed before the audience in a live show to be held in INDIA soon)


‘WIND IN THE CHARIOT’ (one among my latest works in acrylic on paper)


Elephants and elephants!

DSC00251.jpgThe artisans were able to have enough wood from the land ; they planned to carve innumerable sculptors out of the wood they got; they thought of a huge animal found in the land to be sculpted out of the stuff they had got and thus a lot of wooden elephants were born out of the wood which they got; now those elephants fill up the courtyard of the artisans with a question of what the viewers would do with this much of wooden sculptors stuffed with skill and substance !? ( these artifacts are  from the extensive showrooms of Srilanka’s craftsmanship)

Blushing Green Among the Shades of Blue

Among the shades of Blue , there were blushing Green shades reflecting the face of a Man who was among the flourishing fields of romance, recreation , redeeming passions of life and rejuvenating spirits of earthly life…!( The Performance depicted the story of man undergoing the friction and fascinations of manly realms of the real and the fictitious aspects of human passions posed against turbulance of Time)…The green shades are from the classical style depiction of manhood in its dance drama version of KATHAKALI which was performed in the late hours of the dry Nights of the summertime) !!!!IMG_9626IMG_9721IMG_9715


Expressions of the Night with Red and White

The night expresses itself through the eyes in red restricted by the squares of dense black ,surrounded by the frills of white and the red overlaying the vigor of sensuousness and power of life that pulses in high ranges of luminosity and depth of passion that adds more and more beauty to the majestic black that frames around the eyes….of the face of the Night…( this is a way to incarnate the expressions of the night with its quality of passion and senses emerging through the face of a character in the classical style of dance drama format of KATHAKALI,of India ) …!

It does have the vastness of the earth, the watch ability of the time in front and the effort some strength of facing the forces at its reach..Sometimes it is vigilant about what happens around and  most often highly conscious of the avenging human interactions that coincides with each other during the hours of consciousness and the losing aspects of morality and impulses of a human being..


An avenging watch of the time….!

By the end of the collective process of human interactions of thought and emotions, it dissolves itself into the dense black bordered by the thick white and red lines of life that highlights the power of thoughtfulness and memory powering over the passion of the senses…! ( The Images are from the Face painting and facial expressions of the character in RED depicting the quality of Night that I shot in my Canon 500D, digital SLR, from the classical theater performance of KATHAKALI )


The Face of the Night Dissolving into the dense Black 


Facing the Time in Front


A War In Bronze


The hotel launch in Bangkok where I had viewed ‘The Epic War in A Bronze Relief’

While at a casual walk around my hotel in Bangkok, through the sideways, provided me with a view of a mirror and some indoor-plants on one way but on the other way I happened to view a miraculous sculpture in a relief in bronze, depicting a was the depiction of the Epic war fought between Lord Rama and the Demon King Ravana,as narrated in the Indian Epic, ‘Ramayana‘. The stylization and conception of the theme of the legendary war were highly spectacular to make a viewer stunned on the way through a hotel on a casual walk…No doubt, it was much more than what is called a relief sculpture or a precious curios…I bow before the sculptor whether the person is still alive or not..!!


The bronze relief depicting the Mythological war fought between the Lord Rama and the Demon King Ravana, in the Legends of Ramayana (the Saga of Rama)

It was very remarkable that the battleground was set in the backdrop of dense forestland with the inscription of many animal motifs surrounding the troops fighting with each other in the foreground !!