GreaterCoucal(Centropus sinensis);An encounter with the night!

A few seconds before the day ends, Greater Coucal

‘Greater Coucal ‘ arrives on the wall before the day ends

(Centropus sinensis) came to the wall for a scan before the night falls:

The light was not that much transparent to the human eyes and so it happened to be sound for the bird to have a thorough scan among the space between the manly dwellings in the tropical valley to have some worthy feeds!

As per the old sayings of Southern India, the bird is considered as an omen of fortune ,especially in the mornings,for those who  begin their journey  at the call of Greater Coucal from the southern direction would be able to achieve virtue in their end and meet with fortune! So, it has been heard from the period of legends that this bird is the fortune incarnated….! In the mythology of Lord Sreekrishna, the poor old friend of the Lord plans to meet his boyhood friend when he was under great sufferings  ; the poor man began his journey to the palace of the Lord early in the morning and it is said as he had heard the call (‘coucal ‘denotes  the howling sound) of the bird…and wins to get all the fortunes he had never experienced in his life so far when the meeting with the Lord was just finished; the legends say so and now at the start of this November 2012 ,it has come to the wall so as to have some optimistic offerings towards the dawn…I hope so!

The scan was not finished , and  it was still on the same  spot and I thought of me as fortunate enough to have a few more  shots of the omen of fortune with wings ,,,,and was able to have some more before it left me within a few minutes !

A call of the bird at the south is believed to be a greater fortune while starting a journey

The scan before the night arrives and the day ends

A close watch of the time