The Lake in the Moist Air with the Boats anchored Aside


The close ups of the boats at rest beside the banks

Near the tropical coastlines in India,by the finish of the last December, there was a little bit of moist air around the last days of 2014 and the backwaters remained idle with the boats anchored aside the banks ..!( the shots were taken in my Canon 500D and Nikon 600D, dSLRs…)


The boats that were kept aside near the banks

The time was past noon and the lake remained moody in wait of the year ending eve.The distant looks of the boats kept away were also provided a finishing touch to the days passed as the reflections in the lake amidst the linings of the waves underlined the completion of the sails past ..and looked as if in conceiving of what has been left ahead in the days coming forth.


The greenery in the background resembled a thick curtain in stark tones so as to conclude 2014

The greenery behind remained stark in that air and resembled a thick curtain that highlights the color of the vessels in the foreground…and proved as a shelter for some tiny boats too..which found in complete rest on the lakeside…!!!!!