Blessings of this April and the Kingfisher Launching on my Branches…!!


The Kingfisher on my branches again in this April

This time in April I have been able to be in the blessings of Nature because there was the Kingfisher on my branches again in the last days of the month …thus I have managed to have some more wonderful images of the bird again in my Canon 500D with my prime 400mm lens of Canon.


A safe sit on the strings

It came to me all on a sudden while I was dozing in my coach for an afternoon snap.I was awakened by the flapping sound of the wings..then launched on the branches with a shake of the wings and chatting with the beaks on the strings of banana leaves.Anyway I have managed to catch hold of my camera and tried to place myself safely in a distance behind the viewpoint of the bird and got these awesome pictures that would be an asset for my entire life as a bird photographer!!


The White Throat and the Maroon Beaks

Taking in some water from the pool beside, it came back on to the branches and spent some moments there in a peaceful and convenient sit for some sound shots..The shot I had received next were of some inclined views of the bottom line of the body and that of the beaks….IMG_9165Beaking.FBeakingA


a peaceful sit for a profile shot

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