Blessings of this April and the Kingfisher Launching on my Branches…!!


The Kingfisher on my branches again in this April

This time in April I have been able to be in the blessings of Nature because there was the Kingfisher on my branches again in the last days of the month …thus I have managed to have some more wonderful images of the bird again in my Canon 500D with my prime 400mm lens of Canon.


A safe sit on the strings

It came to me all on a sudden while I was dozing in my coach for an afternoon snap.I was awakened by the flapping sound of the wings..then launched on the branches with a shake of the wings and chatting with the beaks on the strings of banana leaves.Anyway I have managed to catch hold of my camera and tried to place myself safely in a distance behind the viewpoint of the bird and got these awesome pictures that would be an asset for my entire life as a bird photographer!!


The White Throat and the Maroon Beaks

Taking in some water from the pool beside, it came back on to the branches and spent some moments there in a peaceful and convenient sit for some sound shots..The shot I had received next were of some inclined views of the bottom line of the body and that of the beaks….IMG_9165Beaking.FBeakingA


a peaceful sit for a profile shot

Tin Lamp in the Dining Table.

The dusk went away slowly and it was time to lit up the lamps inside the house to have the dining.A tin lamp was lit up on to the dining table .Utensils were ready for serving the rustic supper.The lamp was not bright when lit up ,gradually it came brighter as the night grew darker.When the eating was over and the night was dense and darker, the lamp shone brighter enjoying the delightful night…!



The Ferry Boat from the Eastern Lakes…


The ferry service that does the local sails in the western lakes of Kerala in South India

In the last of the last December , the South -West coasts of Kerala in the Southern Part of India were found a little bit moist and the lake sides kept gloomy due to the humid air as if to say farewell to the year passing by..

While viewing from the shore, the evening lake was less noisy and there were not much business on the lakeside and away..I stood there with my little nephew on the shore holding my DSLR (Nikon 600D) waiting for something good enough to get shot upon..

Meanwhile  heard the sound of the waves arising with the moving away of a vessel from the lakeside departure point. It was the local ferry boat starting from the yard for its routine homeward trip of the end of the day..!