A War In Bronze


The hotel launch in Bangkok where I had viewed ‘The Epic War in A Bronze Relief’

While at a casual walk around my hotel in Bangkok, through the sideways, provided me with a view of a mirror and some indoor-plants on one way but on the other way I happened to view a miraculous sculpture in a relief in bronze, depicting a war..it was the depiction of the Epic war fought between Lord Rama and the Demon King Ravana,as narrated in the Indian Epic, ‘Ramayana‘. The stylization and conception of the theme of the legendary war were highly spectacular to make a viewer stunned on the way through a hotel on a casual walk…No doubt, it was much more than what is called a relief sculpture or a precious curios…I bow before the sculptor whether the person is still alive or not..!!


The bronze relief depicting the Mythological war fought between the Lord Rama and the Demon King Ravana, in the Legends of Ramayana (the Saga of Rama)

It was very remarkable that the battleground was set in the backdrop of dense forestland with the inscription of many animal motifs surrounding the troops fighting with each other in the foreground !!

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