The Girl In Pink- Rose And The Birds Made Of Jewels


The Jewel shop in Singapore enriched with visitors

The jewel shop of diamonds and precious curios  in Singapore was rich with visitors on that bright day ;all were curiously staring at items shone in meticulous craftsmanship and charm of stones and metals..There was a girl who had kept herself apart from the crowd and watching the artifacts alone and shooting them with a small video camera.

She was in a Pink -Rose outfits and White skirts with floral patterns in the same rose strips..and very curiously looking into the ornamental designs and jewel-reliefs ..the lights indoors reflected a fantasy on daytime!


viewing it all by standing still for awhile..

Then she stood before an ornamental relief work still for a pretty long while like another statue..

A little bit away from there ,there was a wall hangout made out of stones with metallic finish…it was a lively story of birds in the actual form of a painting!!A marvelous work of art in precious stones remarkable for the depiction of a curious story with beautiful ornamentation of life and art!


The Story Of Birds In Precious Ornamentation