A Classical Progression of the Couple in Tribal Costumes and ‘The Performers in Duet’

The classical style of dance renders everything in classicism.There is a story of a tribal magician who had practiced charms in the courts of ancient India during the Period of Vedas; he belonged to the southern mountains and lived along with his wife and son.The story originates as an extreme version of the Indian Classic Mahabharatha and has its own performing version in the classical style in Kathakali,the dance drama.This play is quite well-knit for the stage and charming to the audience especially due to its dramatic stage appearance.As it is told,the main characters are the tribal man and his wife.They are called ‘Malayan’and ‘Malayatthy’ respectively;’Malaya stands for the man of the hills and Malayatthy for the woman.I have watched the play many times on the stage and made attempts to paint them in poster colors during my boyhood while getting in touch with the early lessons in painting on paper.

‘Malaya’ and ‘Malayatthy’ (the Man and Woman of the Hills) in my early poster colors of boyhood

The theme had never a fading effect in my theater experience and later on my teenage I was again caught up with the same and expressed it in a more realistic color scheme…but the forms remained almost the same.Then my attempt was to capture the moods of the couple in more natural way in expression maintaining the classic postures of dancing and drama.Although ,I have tried to ornament them with costumes having enough tribal splendor!

my teenage depiction of the couple in duet

The theme was still with me even after a wide gap of years in my youth and multiple experiences both in life and career.At this time ,I had kept away from the places of performances and concentrated only on my job in administration management.Once I thought of painting a subject, the theme resurrected in my sensibility and I decided to paint the couple in a new attire and style of format.Thus, I painted my latest ‘Performers in Duet’ in oil color on canvas…!

my latest rendering of the ‘Malaya’ couple as ‘The Performers in Duet’ in oil colors

A day around the pond finds my way out to ‘The Pisces Configuration’

The streams went full in the childhood days in monsoon and the rocks on either side were often remained active with fish jumping out while on rains quite overwhelming and spontaneous. overflows from the hills added strength to the shallow currents in the stream then!But when the rains are over and the flowing outs lose their pull, the surface level of the water remains almost still and the bottom levels look clear and everything beneath appear transparent from the top.Then the creatures inside the water would be quite visible and we were keeping around the water bodies for hours to look into the fish-dwellings in the ponds situated not far away from the main streams…sometimes my father would be curious to net some kind of colorful fish and bring home to show us  them inside some flat vessels among some pebbles and water plants he had collected from those ponds.My father had passed away eight years ago! When I happened to see an underwater theme park last year, I remembered the tiny and cute  aquarium made by my father with the household vessels during my childhood days out of the small but wonderful ‘Pisces’ from the nearby ponds!!!

The view of the sea from the underwater park

Years back I got many more convincing feedbacks on the life in water bodies, from my early experiences and I have summed up whatever I had explored on the theme in my painting called.’The Pisces Configuration’ which I had finished last year.


My painting on the theme of the Pisces called ‘The Pisces Configuration’

Paragliders at ‘Pattaya’,a beach destination beside Bangkok

A gliding coming down to the dock

Waiting their turn for a glide under the hot sun

Touching the clouds with colors!

‘Pattaya’ is the name of a town that is laid out in the outskirts of Bangkok,the capital city of Thailand.This town is one among the popular beach towns in Thailand as a travel spot and destination known for its offshore adventure tourism activities;one of them is the Para-gliding done a few nautical miles away from the Pattaya beach.The gliding is done parallel to a sail in the sea revolving around the dock made for the purpose.This adventure attracts people regardless to their age and body weight ;this is planned by the authority not as an adventure but an absolute leisurely one is the prime charm of tourism in this island.
During the seasons thousands of international tourists visit here and almost all of them take part in para gliding!The hot sunny days adding thrill to this…that’s why both young and old eagerly wait for minutes to have their turn for a glide with patience under the hot sun even at the peak of a season!
The brightly colored parachute catching the eyes invites all to take part in the sail; it functions as a fluorescent lamp in multi-color that charms the tourists alike flies..when the boat connected with the parachute start moving away the multi-colored umbrella swings up in the bright blue sky spreading its glitter down to the eyes of the viewers bellow !There was the turn of a young lady then, and she was brought near to the glide , made ready to sail with her suits for it, by the anchors there…the youth having some extra pounds of flesh had raised curiosity to the people watching around as to see how would the sail lift her up along with the glide!As expected, she was carried away by the sail through the waters for awhile that caused anxiety to all for some moments…but for God’s sake she was pulled up in the air by the parachute with all the efforts , anyhow …!!

A Lifting up with efforts: the heavy young lady being uploaded into the sky!

The young lady is getting up towards the sail

‘ASOKAVANIKA’,The Garden of Fire,a painting on man-woman correlation

  • An interface between man and woman has been highlighted since the age of civilizations everywhere in the world.In the Holy Bible,it is told as they had found themselves in the Garden of Eden , begun dwelling over there for the generations to come upon the earth thereafter . From the

    A garden with the blooming up buds in the dusk

    stories emerged elsewhere in the history of distinctive parts of the world, it is found that the passion in love and lust towards each other has been inspiring generations in cultivating any sort of life anywhere….!

  • Generally, a space of garden provides a place for a man and woman to interact with each other quite well..and their first and foremost plane of meeting would also be laid in the concept of garden by itself!
  • Followed by the facts found in the past, people develop plans of life styles and social circles around the theme of gardens so as to prove that the basic instinct behind every system of attachment has not been changed yet! the world of animals also reiterates the same fact!
  • A female statue placed in the center of a contemporary garden on the top of a building

  • While conceiving the theme on man-woman relationship for a painting in oil on canvas last year, I have rethought about the ancient gardens and the sensuousness that bloomed around there over the ages …not afresh but from the past  sketches in the same mold,  I tried to set up a backdrop of garden where two human faces meet against with intense passion towards each other;they personify two characters as counterparts infringed by the  labels of flames in the shades of day and night.
  • In this work , the figures look as if they were constituting the elements in a garden by emerging themselves not only as two human figures but in the forms of light and darkness that kindles an attitude of passion and pathos in the air of mutual understanding igniting the love and lust within themselves.

    The painting I did last years, entitled,’ASOKAVANIKA’, a term literally stands out as.’the garden of fire’;a rendering of the epic relationships

GreaterCoucal(Centropus sinensis);An encounter with the night!

A few seconds before the day ends, Greater Coucal

‘Greater Coucal ‘ arrives on the wall before the day ends

(Centropus sinensis) came to the wall for a scan before the night falls:

The light was not that much transparent to the human eyes and so it happened to be sound for the bird to have a thorough scan among the space between the manly dwellings in the tropical valley to have some worthy feeds!

As per the old sayings of Southern India, the bird is considered as an omen of fortune ,especially in the mornings,for those who  begin their journey  at the call of Greater Coucal from the southern direction would be able to achieve virtue in their end and meet with fortune! So, it has been heard from the period of legends that this bird is the fortune incarnated….! In the mythology of Lord Sreekrishna, the poor old friend of the Lord plans to meet his boyhood friend when he was under great sufferings  ; the poor man began his journey to the palace of the Lord early in the morning and it is said as he had heard the call (‘coucal ‘denotes  the howling sound) of the bird…and wins to get all the fortunes he had never experienced in his life so far when the meeting with the Lord was just finished; the legends say so and now at the start of this November 2012 ,it has come to the wall so as to have some optimistic offerings towards the dawn…I hope so!

The scan was not finished , and  it was still on the same  spot and I thought of me as fortunate enough to have a few more  shots of the omen of fortune with wings ,,,,and was able to have some more before it left me within a few minutes !

A call of the bird at the south is believed to be a greater fortune while starting a journey

The scan before the night arrives and the day ends

A close watch of the time